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Developing People to Build Culture (Copy)

What will happen when we think about what is right with people, rather than fixing what is wrong with them.

Donald O Clifton

The understanding of strengths and weakness empowers people and helps them to give a self-reflection. This reflection is called Self Awareness which takes them to achieve success in their lives. According to Clifton Strength Finder- We each have great talents, and the more we know about them, the more we get closer to our true self and what value add we bring to the table. To do exceptionally well, it is important to optimise cost and spend money and time to find strengths of the employees. Strengths Based Philosophy enables our Self Awareness, Self-Regulation and Self Expression.

People Strategy to Improve business

It is yet now exceptionally important for companies, especially in this digital age, not just focus on the bottom line but also think about the long term strategy that will benefit the company’s growth in the long run. Excellence means everything: quality of product, quality of service, and quality of experience. CEOs should realise that their job is not just about making profit, but making sure they maximize profits by finding strengths of employees and focusing on what they are best at.

The most important thing a company can do is to find the strengths of their employees and then optimize their cost and spending to take advantage of these strengths. This is a good way for the company to make more money and increase profits.

An example of this would be that if an employee is exceptional at coming up with creative ideas, then it is worth paying them more than someone who isn’t as creative. This would allow companies to focus on what their employees are best at in order to create the best content. In order to do exceptionally well, it is important to take the time and spend the money on finding out what strengths are needed. Employers should try and find out what skillsets employees have that they can use as effectively as possible. This will help them save a lot of money in the long run via increased productivity and less turnover. 

What is the use of having people in a company who are not doing exceptionally well? The answer is nothing. This is because you will never get anything of value and they will never be able to excel at a task given to them if they are not good at it.

The best way to find the strengths of an organization’s employees is to optimize, i.e., spend money and time on finding them and the best way to do exceedingly well, i.e., make profits and gain success, is by doing what one does best, i.e., work on what one’s strengths are.

Strengths also brings awareness of the governing emotions of people which is majorly important to build culture. 

Primarily there are 5 elements and their awareness within the context of their roles enables people to leap the ladder of success

  1. Core Values
  2. Fears
  3. Emotions
  4. Strengths
  5. Weakness

The 5 elements help people to gain an awareness and appreciation of their own selves. It also gives them a Value driven Life and makes them motivated to look for another day in the organization. 

The organizations should look new ways to drive employees to shift to mindset to work from office and for this they have to build on their culture which has to be Value Driven Purposeful Work.

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